Sell Jewelry in Houston

Houston Gold BuyersLooking to Sell Jewelry in Houston? Don’t Sell Your Jewelry to a fly buy night gold buyer or mail off your jewelry and wait for a check.  Sell Your Jewelry to Houston Gold Buyers.Tired of hearing we will only pay you for the gold weight? You have a finished piece of jewelry why not get paid for finished piece of jewelry. Don’t let our name fool you. We are not just a gold buyer. We are a high-line jewelry broker specializing in large G.I.A. certified diamonds, fancy color and cut diamonds, vintage jewelry, engagement rings, and rare and unique jewelry. At Houston Gold Buyers we have been Buying Jewelry in Houston for 25 years. We are Houston’s #1 Jewelry Buyer. We will Buy your Jewelry if you have 1 piece or a huge estate jewelry collection. Looking to Sell an Estate Jewelry Collection? We specialize in Buying Large Estate Jewelry Collections. For large estates we will even come to your house or bank to evaluate your Estate Jewelry Collection at no charge. Don’t Sell your valuable family heirlooms to a company that will undervalue your collection. We specialize in large G.I.A. Certified Diamonds, designer jewelry, vintage jewelry, engagement rings, and much much more. We also are looking to purchase Estate Coin and Stamp Collections.

Why Sell Your Jewelry to Houston Gold Buyers?

We Buy GoldThere are many reasons you may be wanting to Sell Your Jewelry. sometimes you have that emergency expense, maybe you have jewelry you just don’t wear anymore or  maybe you need to just make some room in your jewelry box. One thing however will always be the same. You want the most money you can get for it. That’s why at Houston Gold Buyers we will match or beat any legitimate offer for your jewelry. So why Sell yourJewelry to Houston Gold Buyers? The first reason is location, location, location. We are located at 1330 Westheimer Rd near Montrose Blvd, in the heart of Houston, easily accessible from every major freeway. You can pull right up to our front door and walk right in to a secured building. No walking through large parking lots or parking garages with your valuables.  We will sit with you and discuss each piece of jewelry we are appraising for you. We love to know when items has historical significance. You would be surprised how sometimes this can add value to the jewelry. A vintage 1920s engagement ring removed from a war torn region during a world war may have an extra value for a family that was not as lucky to get their ring out. You never know your ring could replace one that someone lost and could be deeply meaningful to them. It would be a pity sell a ring like that just have it melted down and it be lost forever. Bring your jewelry collection  in today and tell us its story. After all we enjoy a great story at Houston Gold Buyers.

A Note From the Owner

Even with almost 30 years in the industry we still spent a ton of time trying to determine how to relay why you should sell your jewelry to us without using all the same phrases our competitors use.  One of the best reason has to be is we will sit and talk to you about each and every piece of jewelry you are wishing to sell. We won’t try to rush you out. We will take as much time as needed to properly evaluate your jewelry collection. “Please note during times when we currently have a large amount of customers in our showroom we ask, if you have a large collection, to please have a seat and wait so that we are able to give your collection the time needed to properly evaluate.” Our customers are the reason we are here and we never forget that. We never prejudge a customer. We treat each customer the same whether you are selling a few pieces of silver jewelry or a 10 carat diamond ring. Every customers deserves to be treated with courtesy and respect and that is how we do things at Houston Gold Buyers. We also do not try to confuse our customers with a lot of industry terms and confusing lingo. We are going to explain every step in a way that everyone can understand. We truly want you to be happy and confident you understood every step that went into evaluating your jewelry and that you got the best price possible. If you have any questions during the selling process we highly encourage every customer to please just ask. We are truly 100% transparent.

What To Avoid When Selling Your Jewelry in Houston.

We Buy Gold JewelryWe have heard a lot of horror stories from customers who went to sell their jewelry. We thought it would be a good idea to share some of these stories so you know what to watch out for when selling your jewelry.  The first thing you should know is you are not obligated to sell your jewelry to anyone until you sign the actual bill of sale.  Houston Gold Buyers is licensed and bonded in the state of Texas by the Precious Metals Division and reports all buys though Leads Online. Make sure the place you are selling your jewelry to has their scales calibrated by the Texas Agriculture Department or corresponding agency for your area. You want to make sure you are getting paid for every gram.  If you walk into a gold buyer and they have no merchandise you are in the wrong place. At Houston Gold Buyer we have a huge selection of vintage jewelry, antique jewelry, G.I.A. certified diamonds, Rolex watches, as well as gold and silver bullion and rare gold and silver coins. Avoid locations that remove your jewelry from your sight when they are calculating their offer.  Why would they need to take it our of your sight?  A good rule of thumb is if it makes you uncomfortable you are probably in the wrong place.

Avoid the strictly “gold buying” locations.  Your best bet is to sell to a jewelry store. These strictly “gold buyer” locations pay all their bills solely off the money they make from refining your jewelry. Guess where all that money comes from there? Your pocket. They generally pay less than a jewelry store as they have to pay their lease, lights, and staff off your gold. 

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